Midwest Offroad was originally formed in 2011 as Sho-Air, and was founded by Bruce Martens, Doug Dekeyrel and Alex Berge. The inaugural team brought together people that loved to ride and race their mountain bikes. The original team focused primarily on the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series, with other races occasionally mixed in.

In 2013, the team became Sho-Air Minnesota, to help clarify the focus of the team, and was then renamed Sho-Air Midwest in 2015 to reflect the expanding team membership into Wisconsin and beyond. In 2016, Sho-Air changed their approach to team sponsorships - the Ridebiker Alliance was created to better align with the needs of grassroots and regional teams. As a result, our team name once again changed to Ridebiker Midwest to reflect this new organization and approach.

In 2018, the team decided to change its name one final time - to Midwest Offroad. The new name has reflects the primary focus on mountain bike and gravel riding / racing. 

Our team focus has stayed the same - don't be a jerk, give back to the community and the sport, and have fun riding and racing our bikes. This approach has paid off and over the years we've earned the reputation as one of the premier off-road cycling teams in the region. Our team members have raced in and completed some of the hardest events on the planet, yet remain humble and approachable, and we always welcome new members - beginners and elites alike. 

Some of our past events: